Past Success

Barrister Reporting Service has been providing stenographic reporting to attorneys for more than 40 years and has experience in every type of deposition, as well as with high profile events such as the 2012 Olympic committee hearings. We are currently on preferred vendor lists of major insurance companies such as Allstate, Tower and Travelers for their work in the New York City area and cover hundreds of jobs for other insurance companies using more than 80 reporting subcontractors. At present Barrister covers depositions for State Farm on a regular basis.

Barrister covers a great deal of work around the country, and has been a national service provider for cases in many venues. Barrister has handled many big cases in the past, but has several in the past two years that are particularly prominent. The Payment Card Interchange Fee litigation case was a big case for Barrister in which we provided stenographic services. In the past year we also covered for the National Mediation Board, a Presidential Emergency Board hearing for the case of the Brotherhood of railroad signalmen. We have in the past and continue to provide services for the National Mediation Board.