Court Reporting 

What you get when you order Barrister Reporting for your next deposition

  • Free conference rooms when a Court Reporter is ordered
  • Expect all transcripts to be ready in 8-10 days, and in many cases sooner. (Immediate, Daily & Expedited transcripts also available) Order Transcripts
  • Free access to your transcripts on our Transcript Repository
  • Access to your transcripts in the following formats: Ascii, Etrans (PTX), PDF, PDF mini. (other formats upon request)
  • Email/Electronic Delivery (All Transcripts)
  • A complementary mini (condensed) transcript
  • A complementary CD (upon request)
  • Our Triple-Check System to ensure accurate transcripts

Our Court Reporters

Triple-Check System


Step One:

  • The court reporter will sit down with playback of the deposition and double check that they have not missed words or phrases. 
  • This is the first step in the process of completing your transcript before it is sent through the next filter.

Step Two:

  • In this step a professional Scopist (proof reader) will review the transcript to ensure continuity and gramatical correctness. 
  • Once it has been approved by the Scopist, the transcript is cleared to be sent to our in-house production team

Since our inception, providing traditional court reporters has been Barrister’s primary focus, and nowhere else in New York or the rest of the country can you find more knowledgeable, more dependable, or more professional court reporters. Our court reporters have a breadth of experience beyond simple transcription techniques, and we match each stenographer’s individual background and expertise with the subject matter of the case to which he or she is assigned. In addition, our stenographers are supported by a comprehensive, experienced staff of scopists, proofreaders and technical specialists creating an overlapping quality control process that ensures a level of meticulous attention to detail in each and every project we undertake. Of course, up-to-the-minute Job Tracking, Billing and Custom Reports are part of every service that we offer.

At Barrister, we realize that the basis of what we do lies in our ability to communicate clearly, accurately and concisely. In order to achieve this, we have paid attention to the process by which we perform our tasks. For example, rather than using a large team of court reporters for large cases, we have found it best to utilize small, rotating teams over a case’s duration. We also demand that team members confer with each other often, thus ensuring excellent communication, seamless integration and continuity of copy.

Step Three:

  • Once our Production team receives the transcript, it is formatted and sorted, to organize the transcript in an easy to use format. 
  • The production team will also enable special requests including: Cd's, Mini transcripts and multiple file formats.